[ Jun 30, 2007 ]

I've moved...

So, I've done a little housecleaning at the ol' blog. Kept stuff that made me smile, deleted stuff that made me yawn, and moved the whole thang over to Wordpress, which I luuuurve. Come and see me there...


[ Apr 16, 2007 ]

blogging hiatus


I am still around, though, reading and commenting.

Peace be with you!

Who, me?

I'm a 37-year-old Catholic (adult convert), wife of 12 years and mother of two highly entertaining and thoroughly exhausting little girls. I love to read what other people write about their lives. So blogging is right up my alley. I've never quite decided what I want to blog about myself, so it can get pretty random around here. Just life and whatnot: parenting, faith, conservatism, television, the occasional rant about my loud neighbors. If need be, drop me a line at sottosotto at gmail dot com.

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